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The D Side

Sep 28, 2023

Get intimate with the author of A Kiss Across The Ocean, Richard T. Rodriguez. Chapter by chapter, artist by artist. 

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a panel of Gen Xers as we explore the connections between British New Wave and US Latinidad. 

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Aug 31, 2023

Travel to a fuzzed out, psychedelic world with my pick for album of the year. Cosmic Trash is the audacious debut from Gamma Star and it deserves your attention. Cohesive but eclectic. Spacey but grounded. Find out how Bananarama, Elton John, and the loss of innocence factor into this journey. A fascinating talk with...

Jul 27, 2023

Join author and music journalist Quentin Harrison as he heads to the cinematic landscapes of indie artist Adryelle. Synthwave, dream pop? Who needs labels when the music is this good.


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Jun 22, 2023

Celebrate Pride Month with The D Side! Being a beacon of hope in the land that elected Marjorie Taylor Greene is no easy task, but Rome looks to be up to the challenge. Hear about the ups and downs of Pride in a small, rural town. We head to Rome, GA as they prep for only their second Pride festival ever. 



May 25, 2023

Duran Duran's Anniversary video is a "star"- studded affair and Tristan Pegg was there. Pull back the curtain and peek into the party at Belvoir Castle with the young Nick Rhodes. 


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